With autism, no longer invisible – CNN.com

I continue to be inspired by those who don’t let labels define them.  Read the following article and you will understand what I mean: 



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One Response to With autism, no longer invisible – CNN.com

  1. Queenie says:

    Great article on the limitless ability of someone with the autism syndrome. More telling are the comments from readers. There is a long way to go on autism awareness. Similar to other invisible diseases – debilitating pain, fatigue, cognitive dysfunctions, learning differences and mental disorders, hearing and vision impairments – individuals with autism are stereotyped in extremes. Since people tend to judge others by how they look, when unaware of someone’s autism, expectations of an individual may be too high. Aware of the autism, expectations drop to the lowest levels. As a whole people have not been taught that disability means limitation and that set of limitations is unique to each individual. Disagreements and judgents from the commenters show that even among those closest to people with autism there is a lack of understanding as to the the true width of the autistic spectrum.

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