10 Mistakes that Could Doom Your Career as an IT Pro

Have you ever felt like an article was written especially for you? I feel this way today. In reading this article, I realize that “no one” is exempt from making mistakes in the workplace, especially in the IT field.  Working in IT, you have easier access to media outlets that can exspose you and ultimately lead to a “premature departure” from your current position.

Take a read for yourself and let me know if this article “speaks” to you as well.



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One Response to 10 Mistakes that Could Doom Your Career as an IT Pro

  1. Queenie says:

    Very good article for anyone who feels stalled in their current position, regardless of profession. An opportunity often missed when looking to do something different is the choice to BE something different. Self-development, in any form – education, yoga, exercise- changes the person that you bring to the job every day. I love the ‘tall poppy’ analogy. Women especially are not taught to sing their own praises as it is ‘unladylike’. In any corporate environment, the goal is not to be a lady but to be recognized and respected as a top performer. By definition, top performers stand out from the large, average crowd. One thing I would add to the list is to beware of the word ‘team’. Anyone who has ever played or watched competitive sports understands that anyone in the minor leagues is striving to be in the major league. Competitors do not compare themselves to others in their league – who cares if you’re the best in the minors – but to the major league players where they aspire to be. In other words, look upwards for your role models then work like you’re getting paid to move!

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