About macmama

I was given the nickname “macmama” around 15 years ago after I separated from the Navy and started working in the Building Maintenance industry. “Look at Macmama with the toolbelt around her waist”, the guys would yell as I walked from building to building.  The toolbelt caused my hips to sway with more definition that I normally used in my stride and it always seemed to make the “maintenance guys” day when I was assigned to go fix “Mr. So in So’s” garbage disposal in building “so in so”.

The occupations may have changed throughout the years, but the nickname stayed.  As I transitioned into different phases of my life, the nickname became synonymous with what I was going through at the time (once divorced – I became the Mac-MAMA!, single parenthood – Macmommy, Macmama, mama, ma!, and so on and so forth).

What constitutes a “macmama”? I define a macmama as someone who has many interests (hobbies, pursuits, passions,you get my meaning) and strives to attain a level of perfection in each of them.  My top three interests at the moment are: raising my boys, technology, and music.  I feel that the role of technology has directly affected my interaction as well as my rearing of my children and has transformed the way I listen to and enjoy music.  I’m also currently enrolled at Old Dominion University pursuing my Bachelors degree which brings me to the reason for this blog.

This blog was initially a project for an IT class that I’m currently taking, but the more I work on it, the more  engaged or passionate I’m becoming with it.  You see where I’m going with this? (Passions, interests, pursuits).  The concept of this blog is that it will be used as a respository of information that others can use.  I will mark my progress, steps taken, and suggestions given as I transition from my current occupation as a Helpdesk Analyst to that of a Business Analyst with a dash of my other interests in between.

Welcome to the “macmamachronicles” -MD


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