I’ve moved!

No, not the blog site, my home site!  Wow, moving ain’t no joke, but I’m not complaining. I’ve moved into MY first house. I emphasize “my” because this time around my name is the only one on the deed. Don’t worry, there’s no ex husband bashing getting ready to happen, just the opposite, I have a tremendous sense of pride making this dream happen on my own. The mountains I’ve climbed and the rivers I swam across are for another post, but the sense of accomplishment I felt when signing the deed are meant to be shared now.


These past two weeks have been spent  packing, unpacking, furniture deliveries, appliance deliveries, change of address forms, school updates, and countless other “to do” items and I feel great!

Moving to a new home  also allows me to reminence about where I’ve come from. Not that I came from some dark, dreary, gothic type of existence, but I have had to “adjust” a living environment that fit my means (and that was a lesson I learned the hard way)!  Fast forward to present day, I’ve come out of my trials and tribulations financially educated, no visible scars, and more aware of working with what I have to get the things I need.

I didn’t want to take up too much of your time today, I just wanted to share……April 19th was a great day and I’m back on track with blogging. 

One love from……

The Macmamachronicles


100 best companies for women!

Face - smiling woman with great hair and a lov...

Happy employee (Photo credit: GregPC)

As “Women’s History Month” comes to a close, I wonder; are you currently working for one of the companies listed in the attached article?  If not, maybe you should!


Anita Borg!

I love when I discover a new site that speaks to me! In the overwhelming realm known as the Internet, to know that the mere mention of a word or phrase can lead to endless amounts of information is mind-blowing, awesome, magical! Here’s a great site for women in technical fields.