What every current and prospective Business Analyst must know in todays market.

Here’s an encouraging and informative article for those considering, contemplating, or cogitating a career path as a Business Analyst.



Breaking the Digital Glass Ceiling as a Young Black Woman in Tech | Betabeat — News, gossip and intel from Silicon Alley 2.0.

It’s always great to read articles relating to support of our “sisters in science, technology, engineering and math”. STEM programs have been around for a few years, but the below article displays the benefit of mentorship. Take a read:


10 Mistakes that Could Doom Your Career as an IT Pro

Have you ever felt like an article was written especially for you? I feel this way today. In reading this article, I realize that “no one” is exempt from making mistakes in the workplace, especially in the IT field.  Working in IT, you have easier access to media outlets that can exspose you and ultimately lead to a “premature departure” from your current position.

Take a read for yourself and let me know if this article “speaks” to you as well.


Which Should Come First, Requirements Management Tools or Processes? Hint: It’s Not What You Expect!

An interesting article from Modernanalyst.com.


Business Skills Training White Paper: What a Project Manager Needs to Know About Business Process Analysis 3/30/2012


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100 best companies for women!

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As “Women’s History Month” comes to a close, I wonder; are you currently working for one of the companies listed in the attached article?  If not, maybe you should!